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I keep my video and multi-media pieces at Vimeo

Fire Mission: FOB Boris, Paktika, Afghanistan. from Bill Putnam on Vimeo.

A short multimedia piece I shot last in July 2010 of an Alpha Battery, 3-320 FAR, fire mission at FOB Boris, Afghanistan. The video was made with a helmet cam taped to the side of my D200. The mount was taped on with gaffers tape. Stills were made with Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 lens.


"That's One Fast Punkin" from Bill Putnam on Vimeo.

I shot this piece in 2008 at the world famous Punkin Chunkin. Every year for 20 years a hundred or so teams gather in a massive farm field in Delaware to shoot, throw, toss or heave 10-pound pumpkins. I found Team Hooter Shooter late Saturday afternoon and hung out while team captain Ricky Nietubicz practiced shooting punkins across the field. The next morning we met up and I shot them doing their one official shoot for the day. A few weeks later I teamed up with Caroline Couig, an awesome multimedia editor at Discovery, to edit what I had down to something manageable.  After lots of stress and lots of coffee we had the piece. Here it is.